Charged with the
energy of the universe

The power of vibration

Every living being, every organ, every substance, simply everything has its own vibration. People can absorb and process these vibrations. The vibration patterns themselves can be recorded and saved.

The special

The VitaDots are programmed using a special process and work like a memory chip that contains certain information.
Each dot has its own programming to suit its area of application. As soon as the VitaDots are positioned in the heel area of a shoe, they release the information to the person and health and well-being can be optimized.


All VitaDots contain a balance effect. This can have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. The effect occurs immediately after contact with the VitaDot. Factors such as mobility, leg length difference and coordination can be improved directly with the use of the VitaDot.

The application?
Very easy!

The VitaDots are made of soft, skin-friendly gel and have a diameter of approx. 4 cm.
Possible applications:

  1. Peel off the film and stick the VitaDot in the heel area on the insole of the shoe.
  • The dot also serves as a heel pad!
  • If the adhesive effect wears off, simply clean with warm water and allow to dry.
  1. Option 2 is to place VitaDot under the insole of the shoe –
    ideally in the heel area.
  2. The dots develop their effect within a radius of
    approx. 10 cm. Therefore they can also be put into socks.

4 functions for your well-being


The VitaDot Vitality was developed to successfully master the challenges of everyday life. Thanks to its special programming, it supports the musculoskeletal system, the organs and the brain. VitaDot Vitality contains all the essential elements for more well-being, energy and happiness. A good basis for a balanced, harmonious and happy day.


The VitaDots Performance are intended for everyone who puts a lot of physical strain on them. They are programmed in such a way that all factors that are necessary for optimal performance can be positively influenced: focus, power, balance, coordination and muscle building.
This makes them the ideal companion for anyone who wants to achieve top performance.


The VitaDots Walk&Run support hiking, running and walking. Thanks to the special programming, tired and heavy legs are a thing of the past.
More balance, strength and endurance with the VitaDot Walk&Run.


Football requires balance, agility, speed,motor control and endurance. The VitaDots Soccer have been developed and programmed specifically for the needs of soccer players. As soon as the VitaDots Soccer are positioned in the shoe, the optimization begins. More strength, power, endurance and balance in seconds! Additionally, VitaDots Soccer can reduce the risk of injury and improve recovery. You can also benefit from this programming for other ball sports.

Daniel Knebel.

The inventor and brain behind the VitaDots. Daniel is a health expert and passionate athlete who can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the health sector. During his career he has helped hundreds of clients – including many Bundesliga footballers – to achieve their physical goals in record time. He developed revolutionary methods and regularly collaborates with scientists from around the world to expand his knowledge and thereby ensure the success of his customers. All of this experience went into the development and programming of the VitaDots.

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10. Novembro 2023
I really like the VitaDot. Great benefits.

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