What should you consider before purchasing?

Choose the right programming for your needs. Before first contact with the product, test the following parameters.

  1. Head mobility
  2. Shoulder mobility
  3. While standing, bend forward and touch your toes with your legs stretched
  4. While lying on your back, stretch your legs and sit up with your legs stretched. One leg should be shorter than the other.
  5. Then take a “selfie” of your face so that both ears and eyes as well as the entire face can be seen.
  6. Then you can take the VitaDots out of the package and first rub the area behind the ears as well as the neck and cheeks with the Vitadots.
  7. Then rub over the lumbar vertebrae and thearea under the belly button and over the hips.
  8. 8.Then rub each leg with the VitaDots. First the right leg then the left leg.
  9. 9.Then you can test all parameters and possibly notice the first differences in the tested movements.
  10. Take a “selfie” of your face again! Use an app like DipTic or PicCollage to compare the picture.

How are the VitaDots used?

The VitaDots are applied in the heel area of the shoe. To do this, you can lift the sole of the shoe and place the VitaDot with the foil/adhesive side down in the shoe. Then place the sole back onto the VitaDot from above. Alternatively, you can stick the VitaDots onto the sole. However, use under the sole is recommended. In the future there will be a special VitaDot sole. This then has a special recess in the heel area into which the VitaDot can be inserted.

Are there any side effects?

There are basically no side effects. The adjustments in the musculoskeletal system can initially lead to adjustment symptoms. These can show up as changing symptoms in the joints, neck, jaw, spine and joints. Sleep, digestion, HRV and many other functions can also adapt after using VitaDots.

How long can I use the VitaDots daily?

You can use the VitaDots all day long. The longer and more often the more noticeable the effects.

Does the effect wear off over time?

The VitaDots work for 2 years. However, there are already initial data that indicate a longer duration of effect. We are continuing to research this!

Can the VitaDots be used by multiple people?

In principle, this is possible! However, for hygienic and energetic reasons, it is better if everyone hastheir own VitaDots. Otherwise, sharing shortensthe duration of use per person, which could weaken the effect.

Can the VitaDots be combined?

For example, you can put performance in one shoe and walk & run in the other. This combination would impact performance over short and medium running distances as well as optimize sprint performance. The combination of performance and soccer would be ideal for golf, for example. Performance increases the power of the swing and soccer increases coordination and balance. Soccer in combination with performance can also have a positive effect on performance in tennis, volleyball and basketball.

Are the VitaDots toxic or do they emit dangerous radiation?

The VitaDots contain no toxic substances and no dangerous radiation fields. This has been examined and certified by independent institutes. The information is harmonious and healthy.

What other applications are possible?

You can attach the VitaDots with the K Active Sport Tape to areas of the body that you want to optimize. Cut a thin strip of K Active Tape and stick it to the side of the VitaDot that is not sticky and has the Daniel K lettering on it located. Then attach the VitaDot to the appropriate location with the tape. You can also put them in your socks when you are not wearing shoes. But we are working on VitaDot socks.

How long should the VitaDots be used?

For optimal results, wear the VitaDots in your shoes for at least 30 days at a time. The adjustments take different amounts of time depending on the person. The first effects occur immediately after contact with the product. The longer and more often you use the VitaDots, the more noticeable the effects are.

Are VitaDots suitable for children?

The VitaDots Vitality and Soccer are suitable for children. In general they are harmless to children.

Are VitaDots suitable for pregnant women?

We are working on data on this question. So far there have been no side effects in pregnant women. If you are unsure, speak to your doctor before use.

Are VitaDots a medical device?

No, the VitaDots are a pure wellness product. They bring the body into harmony and balance. All medical effects are either coincidence or individual experiences and cannot be transferred to every user.

Are the effects of VitaDots proven by medical studies?

We have already carried out the first positive measurements at BUFA. We also measured the effect with Scaneca and K Plates. Objectively measurable effects were shown. We combined these measurements with symptom questionnaires and manual examinations. A number of users report extremely positive experiences with the VitaDots. We are working on double-blind placebo studies to properly examine the effects of the balance effect.

How do the VitaDots work?

The VitaDots provide the user with a mixture of different information fields. They work like a computer chip. The data is stored on the chip and transferred to the body when it comes into contact with it. This happens automatically and is hardly noticeable. Some users report tingling, warmth, waves, etc.

Is there a habituation effect?

To notice this, you should wear the same shoes with and without VitaDots once. You will notice that the feeling of walking with the same shoes is completely different when worn with and without VitaDots.

Can the VitaDots be deleted?

So far this has only been possible through burning, cutting, intense red light, or direct contact with a strong magnetic source. You should not put them in microwaves, on magnetic devices such as stoves, boxes, WiFi routers, cell phones, etc.

What can I do to increase the effect

Place the VitaDots in the sun for 10 minutes every 3-6 months!

Can I fly by plane with the VitaDots?

Yes, we tested this intensively. Neither flying nor X-rays or other scanners could influence the VitaDots. This was ensured by Daniel Knebelthrough special additional programming.

What do I do if the VitaDots are dirty?

You can wash them carefully with lukewarm to cold water. Then place the Vita Dots with the adhesive surface facing up on a cloth and simply let the VitaDots dry briefly. Afterwards they stick normally again.

Can VitaDots be used on animals?

Yes, the VitaDots can be used on cats, dogs and horses. Simply rub the animals from head to toe with it. Then intensively rub all extremities and the areas where the optimization should be stronges.

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